A Changing Industry

Phase supports our Clients to overcome the commercial challenges they face in developing and executing their projects. We align every task we perform to our Client's ultimate project objectives and we understand the importance for project developers to implement effective commercial strategy that builds on proven technical fundamentals.

Phase recognises that developing a natural resource project is difficult, and that today's projects are made even more challenging by increasing signs of enterprise risk, as well as geopolitical and commercial impacts. The risk reward proposition faced by most natural resource companies reflects a shift toward uncertainty. Volatile markets, resource nationalism, and reduction in capital allocation are among the major issues that will require Boards and Executives to adopt lean and innovative approaches in order to succeed in the future.

In light of this, Phase understands that today's projects should not be developed based on the same project execution methodologies, and preconceptions that have increasingly failed the industry in recent years.

Phase delivers structured commercially oriented project services that are focused on the specific needs of a business, and fully embrace the goals of our Clients and their partners. We see ourselves as part of our Clients' teams and truly believe that what is best for our Clients is ultimately what is best for Phase.